Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Article: Funeral Directors Boost High School Recruiting Efforts

This link is sent to me by a good friend. Her commentary:

Another great headline from CNN. I know when they say 'recruiting' they mean for high schoolers to work there, but it still looks like they're trying to get teenagers to die more.

I agree. I love the CNN web desk.

ALBANY, New York (AP) -- Career day at Concord High School in Staten Island brought in firefighters, postal workers -- and a well-dressed man with a brochure titled "Searching for a career that's 6 feet above the rest?"

Matthew Funeral Home co-owner Matthew Scamardella talked to students about his job, showed a video about funeral directing and - he hopes - nudged some teens toward a different career path.


Scamardella's tactic was to just be himself -- a 57-year-old who likes to ride motorcycles, hit golf balls and serve his community. There's no evidence that any of the students are looking into mortuary science schools just yet, but Scamardella holds out hope.

"We planted a few seeds," he said.

Kitten Holdup

If you type search for the words dead teenagers on Google Image Search, this is the third result for some reason. I guess its because before a teenage commits suicide, they kill their kitten. But that's just a guess.

Coincidentally, I used this image for a Demotivational Friday: Management a while back. Small world.


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