Monday, December 05, 2005

Article: New Medicare Drug Law Sucks

I was just talking to a good friend of mine about how the new Medicare drug law is a horrible, confusing, costly boondoggle. Here's another example of why it sucks:

Iowa Seniors calling a phone number for answers about the new Medicare prescription drug program reached a phone sex line by mistake.
The Medicare program, criticized by some as confusing, will likely be more confusing to Iowans and others who received a letter from Humana Incorporated with an incorrect phone number.

The company is one of numerous insurance companies offering coverage for the new Medicare drug program that starts January 1st.

Humana spokesman Dick Brown says a few thousand letters were sent nationwide last month to people asking about Medicare's drug program under Humana. The phone number listed on the letter was one digit off from Humana's correct number, which is 1-800-992-2551.

A message at the wrong number directed callers to "Intimate Encounters," which offered service for two-dollars-99-cents or 99 cents per minute.

Since my job has forced me to read the law and be familiar with it, I've decided to keep a running commentary on why I hate it. If you see any news or government links supporting my bile, please send them to me.


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