Monday, December 05, 2005

Distraction: Serenity, as performed by hand puppets

I was going to write a post on women in the workforce related to some economic research I'm doing. But this link is more amusing. Don't read it unless you've already seen Serenity the movie, as it contains major spoilers. If you have seen it (and loved the movie, as I do) then you'll probably find it amusing. Enjoy.

Also, I loaned my Firefly dvd's out to someone weeks ago and have forgotten who. Since purchasing them shortly after leaning about Firefly's existance, they've been in my possesion for all of ten or eleven days. After that, they've been loaned out to pretty much everyone I know. Whenever I get them back, someone else asks to borrow them, and I, wanting to spread the Whedon-esqe goodness, loan them out again. If you have it, please give it back. I miss them.


Emergency naptime procedures implemented!


Extreme Kickass Mode Switch: OFF.


I always love watching "When Seemingly Innocent Girls Attack" on Fox.


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