Thursday, December 01, 2005

Article: Man Pleads Guilty in Horse-Sex Case

This article pretty much speaks for itself:

SEATTLE - A man has pleaded guilty to trespassing in connection with a fatal horse-sex case. James Michael Tait, 54, of Enumclaw, was accused of entering a barn without the owner's permission. Tait admitted to officers that he entered a neighboring barn last July with friend Kenneth Pinyan to have sex with a horse, charging papers said. Tait was videotaping the episode when Pinyan suffered internal injuries that led to his death.


The prosecutor's office said no animal cruelty charges were filed because there was no evidence of injury to the horses.

A man was literally banged to death. By a horse. While his friend videotaped it. The sad thing is, I remember reading about this a couple of months ago, but this article is dated November 30, 2005. Hopefully, this is just the criminal proceedings from that incident, and not the beginning of a national trend.

Sorry about the light blogging lately, but I've been traveling, seeing family, and physically ill. I'm back in D.C. and feeling better though, and perhaps while catching up in my work and emails I'll find more interesting things to post.

And a public thanks to my friends who continue to feed me good blogging material. Without you, the world might not know about this important news.
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