Thursday, September 28, 2006

Various Distractions

With work inconveniently being, well, a lot of work, I haven't been blogging. But a meeting this afternoon got cancelled. So here are a bunch of distractions that I've been slowly accumulating for the last few weeks but haven't had the chance to blog.

The world's largest earwig bug has been found in Germany via (hat tip to Boing Boing):

From a technical point of view, I have no idea how this image could have gotten there. I assume a very tiny bug got caught in a satellite camera and died. Or the eugenics crazy Germans are experimenting on creating the uber-man again, and they decided to go with an insect this time.

This is the best political ad that I've ever seen, attacking Representative Brad Miller (NC-13):

From the Bureau of Labor Statistics I actually read on a regular basis, comes a list of the Top 10 Occupations with the Largest Projected Job Growth, 2004-14. Wondering what they might be and if your job is on the list? Well here's a hint: 7 out of 10 suck. Which falls generally within my current economic projection that 70% of Americans have lousy jobs.

Click on for larger image.

Columbia, Maryland local Aaron McGruder has decided that the Boondocks comic strip will most likely not return to the funny pages. He wants to devote more time to the Boondocks show on Cartoon Network instead. For those of us who don't stay up until 2am on weekdays to watch cartoons, this is very bad news.

Here are some pictures of the house I want to buy in Tampa Bay:

That is all for now.

Tuesday, September 19, 2006


Avast me matees! Today be International Talk Like a Pirate Day!!! So when you be sailing the high seas of the internets, be sure that all of yer pointless blog posts be in pirate speak. Or I'll run you through like a cannonball through a parakeet!

Arrrrrr. I be bad at this.

Friday, September 08, 2006


Well, I think I have to accept the fact that my job and life is just too time consuming for me to blog regularly. I'm going to have to start sleeping less, so that I can write more.

Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Statistics: Median Income

Via the Washington Monthly who stole it from the Detroit Free Press who stole it from the Census Bureau, I present to you the most depressing graphic I've seen in weeks, the Percent Change of Real (inflation adjusted) Median Household Income, 1999 - 2005:

The national average was a 6% decrease in income over this six year period, despite the fact that there has been a slight increase of median household income between 2004-2005.

Putting pretty colors into real numbers, median household income in 1999 was $47,671 (adjusted for inflation to 2005 dollars). Median household income in 2005 was $46,326. We've lost ground by $1,345 a year.

Somebody call Rhode Island and figure out what they're doing.

Friday, September 01, 2006


Sorry for the lack of posting. Been busy this week. Hopefully next week will be less so.