Monday, November 28, 2005

Distraction: Modern Art is Crap

Via a friend of mine who wishes to remain anonymous, I bring you Modern Art is Crap, a website dedicated to showing why modern art sucks.

Blue elegyJimmy the retarded 3rd Grader's Art Project
From his "Blue Period"

In general, I don't like to dismiss entire genre's of art, music, literature, or anything. It's hard for me to do, as I tend to be very strident in my opinions. But every time I come up with an absolute, someone shows me a good counter example. For example, I used to really dislike all religious art, and for the most part, I still do. But then I realized that for centuries, generations of gifted artists had no choice but to use religion as their subject matter, and so now I'm willing to give religious art a second look.

But I go down to the National Mall about once or twice a month and usually visit one of the big museums when I'm in NYC as well, and I have yet to see a piece of modern art that speaks to me, or looks aesthetically pleasing, or has some sort of important artistic value. It is usually crap. What happened to learning how to paint a bowl a fruit perfectly before painting a person and then a landscape and then experimental art? Shouldn't an artist have to master the rules of classical art before they break them and create something new and different?

No doubt, there has to be some good modern art out there, and if you know of any, or can explain it to me in such a way to make me see it differently, please tell me.


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