Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Books: Free God's Debris

Scott Adams is giving away copies of his book, God's Debris, in pdf format.

I bought and read the book shortly after it was published in 2001. After reading it a couple of times, I gave it away to a friend. I then bought another copy, and gave it away as a gift. Last year I bought and read the pseudo sequel, The Religion War. I didn't think it was as good, but still enjoyed it, and ended up giving it away as a gift too. I will most likely buy another copy when I have the urge to read it again, and then give it away when I think one of my friends would enjoy it.

Both books are very similar to having a very interesting conversation with your favorite philosophy professor. I love the Greek classics, and this was very similar - though obviously in modern vernacular (for you fellow Hellenophiles out there, think Plato's Gorgias or Xenophon's Apology).

It's not as intellectually thorough as I would have liked, but my guess is that if Adams had been more rigorous, then it would cease to be entertaining to 99% of the people who read it.

Anywho, it's relatively short and a good read. I highly suggest it, and if you like it, you should buy a copy too.

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God's Debris in the Making

I'll be taking off for NY to celebrate Turkey Day. So blogging will be sparse until next week. Drive safe everyone.
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