Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Distraction: Link Roundup

Sadly, I'm back inside the Beltway. With the exception of the normal family histrionics on Christmas, my break was awesome. New Year’s Eve produced yet another funny story involving stuff I don’t write about on this blog. I got to see a lot of old friends and family members I don’t normally get to see. Good times, all around.

Since I haven’t picked up a newspaper in the last two weeks, here are a variety of random links...

Ex-D.C. Mayor Marion Barry was robbed. In other news, D.C. residents have decided to make up for past crimes with vigilante justice.

A Jersey girl blogger over at On Life As I Know It was nice enough to link to my blog. Stop by and enjoy the Democratic goodness.

Replacement Spokane mayor sworn in, vows to choose more discreet gay.com chat handle than predecessor. (Hat tip to Fark).

Christmas comes really, really early this year (or just a little late). Jack Abramoff to name names.

The AP reports that two 16 year-old girls were expelled from a California Lutheran high school “because they were suspected of being lesbians.” (Hat tip to Feministing. Also, WTF?)

Kossak RichardG writes about how the McCain torture amendment actually permits torture. Also, black is white, up is down, and the end of days is neigh. (Hat tip to the Lyceum).

Bumper sticker.
Stolen from Basic Juice.


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