Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Republicans Pass Health and Human Services Budget

Hokey Smokes Bullwinkle! I finally have funding! That sounds good. No, wait. Its very very bad.

Via CNN:

Cheney casts deciding vote on deficit bill
Vice president breaks 50-50 tie on $40 billion of spending cuts

Wednesday, December 21, 2005; Posted: 10:50 a.m. EST (15:50 GMT)

WASHINGTON (AP) -- The Republican-controlled Senate passed legislation to cut federal deficits by $39.7 billion on Wednesday by the narrowest of margins, 51-50, with Vice President Dick Cheney casting the deciding vote.

The measure, the product of a year's labors by the White House and the GOP in Congress, imposes the first restraints in nearly a decade in federal benefit programs such as Medicaid, Medicare and student loans.

Darth CheneyDarth Cheney in the Imperial Senate,
moments before his historic tie-breaking vote.

Well, that was unexpected. I thought that Senator Spector (R-PA) was going to oppose it, thus sinking the bill. But apparently, being a moderate means cutting $39.7 billion from health care, student loans, and welfare programs - weeks after supporting the passage of a $56 billion capital gains tax cut for the top one-fifth of one percent of the richest Americans.

Sadly, because this is part of the budget reconciliation process, it can't be filibustered.

So I'll be a lot busier in the New Year, helping even poorer people get fewer jobs with less money and support services.

What a great gift from Republicans for the students, the elderly, the sick, and the most needy! And just in time for the holidays! Merry F$cking Christmas. Ho, Ho, Ho.


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