Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Distraction: Personality Test

Fun personality test that I found a link to on Death Quaker's blog. It's essentially an enneagram test. I enjoy personality tests, even if I know how every question is going to show up in the results, thus ruining part of the fun.

Here's how I did:

Each of the colors represents an aspect of personality - though the "mouse over" function doesn't seem to work in blogger. But you get the point, and if you take the test you can compare.

Without going into a discussion on Jungian psychology, these things tend to be mostly accurate, but with a long list of caveats. They work best if you think of a particular role in your life (professional, romantic, family, friends, etc.) and answer all of the questions based on how you act in that role. Some people are the same or similar in every role, but most people act differently under different circumstances. If you don't have the time to take such a test more then once (I didn't, it takes about 10 minutes) you should take it while thinking about the role which is most important to you in your life.


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