Monday, January 09, 2006

Distraction: Proof that there is a God: Spammer lands $11 billion fine

Hat tip to Slashdot:

CIS Internet Services won $11.2 billion from James McCalla, from Florida, who was found to have sent millions of unsolicited e-mails advertising mortgage and debt consolidation services through the ISP's network.

A lawsuit claimed that McCalla sent more than 280 million illegal spam e-mail messages. Frims advertised in the spam had already been ordered to cough up a billion dollars in damages.

Prosecutors argued that under state law in effect at the time, CIS was entitled to $10 per illegal e-mail...

CIS acknowledged that it is unlikely to see any of the judgement money but said that it was time that spammers learnt that their actions would result in an economic death penalty.

Next, onto whoever keeps sending me unsoliced emails in Chinese with no return email and no apparent attempt to extract money from me. Why? Why?


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