Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Government: Energy Policy

I've previously blogged about some good ideas to promote a sane energy policy.

Obviously, no one in the administration reads this blog. For yesterday, the Dept. of Energy unveiled its new conservation program, spearheaded by, wait for it, the "Energy Hog."

Like McGruff the Crime Dog and Petey the Sexual Harassment Panda, I'm pretty sure that the Energy Hog will be ignored and ridiculed.

But wait, there's more! The Energy Hog has its own website! It requires Flash, which I hate. It's also mind-bogglingly useless and infantile, with little information on how to actually conserve energy, suitable perhaps for a second grader that sniffs glue and likes to eat Transformers.

They also made the marketing blunder of not giving the Energy Hog a name. Without a distinct name and a catch phrase, there is almost no chance of creating a recognizable "brand." Instead, the have a menagerie of different "half human, half Hog" abominations.

There are even commercials, here and here! What sad irony - we're wasting a colossal amount of our money and energy trying to preserve money and energy.

Will the pain never stop!

Hat tip to Oliver for the initial picture and link to the Reuters story, though sadly, I heard that this was in the works weeks ago. I guess some small part of me wished that it was just a massive, inside the Beltway joke. Wait, sorry, it still is.


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