Thursday, September 29, 2005

Demotivational Friday: Clueless

Inspired by the good people at This is a real picture from Reuters. The caption reads:

A colony of gentoo penguins rest in a minefield at Kidney Cove, at stretch of beach across the Falklands Islands' capital Stanley, September 9, 2005. Most of the 150 minefields were laid around the capital Stanley when Argentine forces landed there in April 1982 to claim the islands taken by the British in 1833. The British armed forces defeated the Argentines 10 weeks later in a brutal war that killed 650 Argentines and 250 British.
For some reason, I find penguins funny, and penguins waddling unwittingly into a minefield hilarious. I'm not quite happy with the Forrest Gump pseudo quote, but I couldn't think of anything better.


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