Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Politics: Best Campaign Website Ever

Campaign websites are generally sterile, boring, rarely updated wastes of time. But this one is the most hilarious reading I've had in weeks.

From the "About Me" section...

I have what most would consider a "“checkered past" and have paid the price several times over. I am a convicted white-collar offender (ex-felon). In 1998, I spent fifteen months of a twenty-one month sentence at the minimum security Federal Prison Camp in North Las Vegas, Nevada for security and tax violations that occurred in 1992.

Being convicted does not necessarily mean being guilty but long ago I decided I couldn't win this battle so I "“productively" served my time. Looking back I can honestly say; "I believe this sentence was payback time for prior business practices that were not always above board." I believe some were due in part to my lack of knowledge of the law. This is a part of my life that I'm not proud of but it is a part of my past and believe me, I've learned a very costly lesson from it. To prevent others from making the same mistake, I intend to propose that basic law classes (both criminal and business) be taught in our public school system.

During that time I was a constant visitor to the law library and began to help other inmates with their legal issues.


I know if I'm elected to Congress my business experience along with my ups and downs of life will make a huge difference to the people of Nevada and the nation.

No doubt during this campaign both the press and other candidates will bring up my past, but I believe it's just that my past. The mistakes I made are of public record and I can't change them. Lucky for me my offense occurred in California, a state that automatically restores civil rights upon completion of one's sentence. For the last several years I've been both eligible to vote as well as run for any political office. If elected, I know full well I will be under close scrutiny and I welcome it. Thanks for your support!

Wow. Anytime you need to use quotation marks around words like "checkered past" "productively" you really shouldn't run for office.
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