Friday, January 26, 2007

Demotivational Friday: Recession

Artist Dulce Pinzón took photographs of immigrant workers dressed as superheroes (I'm assuming she asked them to dress this way for the picture, and that an Aquaman uniform is not the company's official dress code. Though if it were, that would be awesome). The series is called "The Real Story of the Superheroes." It is her tribute to the people who work long hours in lousy conditions for little money, much of which they then send home to their families in Mexico.

From Pinzón's website:

The Mexican economy has quietly become dependent on the money sent from workers in the US. Conversely, the US economy has quietly become dependent on the labor of Mexican immigrants. Along with the depth of their sacrifice, it is the quietness of this dependence which makes Mexican immigrant workers a subject of interest.

The principal objective of this series is to pay homage to these brave and determined men and women that somehow manage, without the help of any supernatural power, to withstand extreme conditions of labor in order to help their families and communities survive and prosper.

Hat tip to Boing Boing.


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