Thursday, January 04, 2007

Democrats Sworn in to Power

Above all else, Democrats need to remember Henke's Law:

Minority Parties are always a little bit libertarian, if only to restrict the power of the majority party; majority Parties are always anti-libertarian, if only because, hey cool, power!

They've got maybe 30 days of real legislating to show the country their ideas. Only the most wildly popular will get past Bush's veto pen (like ethics legislation or the minimum wage increase). Since the rest of their agenda will be DOA, their main goal is to simply run an orderly government, provide strong oversight, and avoid scandal. The Republicans weren't thrown out of office because they believe in smaller government and lower taxes, they were thrown out of office because of rank incompetence. You won't be thrown out for expanding health care or balancing the budget. Just avoid embezzling money and molesting interns, and things should go fine in 2008.


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