Monday, October 17, 2005

Distraction: American Conservative Drag Queen

Pat Buchanan's magazine, the American Conservative, has a new issue out:

Thanks to Page Six of the conservative rag New York Post (widely viewed as one of the best backstabbing gossip columns in the world) we learn:

The cover photo on the latest issue of Patrick Buchanan's American Conservative magazine, bearing the cover line "After the Storm," is not that much different from many of the pictures coming out of the hurricane-stricken areas of the South. It shows a family of four children slogging through knee-deep water with two adult women. However, the "woman" on the far right is none other than well-known New Orleans drag queen and bartender Jack "Lady Charles" Nicholson. Kara Hopkins, the magazine's executive editor, had no explanation other than "it was a good photo."
I guess Pat Buchanan has finally accepted that, especially in times of national emergency, Americans are pretty accepting of or don't care about sexual or gender orientation. The passengers of Flight 93 certainly didn't care that fellow national hero Mark Bingham was gay.

Or the American Conservative doesn't bother to check even the most basic information about their stories. Or perhaps a little of both.


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