Monday, July 03, 2006

NY TImes = Treason?

Numerous conservative blogs are very angry that the NY Times exposed the Bush administration's secret warrentless banking data survielence program. (So did the LA Times and the Wall Street Journal, but the Bush chooses not to demonize them, as they're not as unpopular with his base).

Here's why all of the "NY Times is treasonous" arguments rings false to me.

President Hillary Clinton.

It's 2009, and President Hillary continues with the Bush administration's anti-terrorism policies. The Wall Street Journal does an article on how the government is secretly looking into the bank records of the Carlisle Group and other companies which are suspected of terrorist connections, without a warrant. What do you believe the reactions of the right wing blogs would be? Do you seriously think anyone of them will be attacking the Wall Street Journal? I could tell you that I would be attacking President Clinton for undermining our Constitutional rights.

My guess is that most conservatives don't believe in unitary executive theory, they just love Bush. But everyone remember this moment in history, so that we can throw it in their faces in a couple of years.
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