Monday, June 19, 2006

Online Hearing Test

Well, since last week's post about cell phone rings that adults can't hear was so popular, I thought I'd post an online hearing test. Click on each, and see how well you can hear. You're listening for a continuous tone, not the popping of static in your speaker. Higher numbers are usually much more difficult for older people to hear.

11,000 Hz

12,000 Hz

13,000 Hz

14,000 Hz

15,000 Hz

16,000 Hz

17,000 Hz

18,000 Hz

19,000 Hz

20,000 Hz

21,000 Hz

22,000 Hz

23,000 Hz

24,000 Hz

25,000 Hz

I can hear up to 17,000. I can't hear 18,000, but it makes my ears perk with a slight pain. 19,000 and higher is completely inaudible to me, except for the static. Also, some of the higher numbers actually had trouble opening in my browser, so I had to download them and listen to them on Windows Media Player (with the spectral analyzer on, confirming that a sound was indeed being made).

Stolen from Americablog and Ochen.
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