Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Article: Google Even More Evil

As I've blogged before, Google is an evil company. Their only motive is profit, just like every other corporation. This is essential for the efficient allocation of resources - i.e., capitalism, which I'm a big fan of. But just like a person who is psychopathically motivated solely by the desire for more money, Google has no conscience:

Google's launch of a new, self-censored search engine in China is a "black day" for freedom of expression, a leading international media watchdog says.

Reporters Without Borders joined others in asking how Google could stand up for US users' freedoms while controlling what Chinese users can search for.

Its previous search engine for China's fast-growing market was subject to government blocks.

The new site - - censors itself to satisfy Beijing.

I'm a very moderate sort of person when it comes to most issues, but on free speech there should be no compromise. Anyone who assists Communist dictators in preventing free speech is complicit in their sins. They are trading money for freedom, plain and simple.

Never Forget.
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