Friday, October 28, 2005

Demotivational Friday: Anachronism

Demoticational Poster Anachronism
This picture was blatantly stolen from my dear friend Yi Wei, who took it at the Maryland Ren Fair. The best comment on it comes from Takaal - who I've never met, but according to her live journal user info, have everything in common with, including a sense of humor:

"It's sad when the Imperial Tax Collector needs an armed escort."

The caption was by brilliant blog team killer kitten Le Femme Nikita, but other great suggestions came from Sneezy D and Qui Gonn Jesse:
Forsooth, set thine blaster to "shut up!"

A vengeful nerd is a sad sad thing.

Nerdiness ages like cheese, not wine.

When worlds COLLIDE...and neither contain girlfriends!

I know I'm not fitting in THAT suit...

Hey fatty - at least Middle Earth had billowy clothing.
So much dorky goodness, the head swells.


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