Thursday, April 06, 2006

Article: Let's Go Terps!

I am a proud alum of the University of Maryland. Our women's basketball team just won the championship. Making it all the sweeter is the fact that we defeated arch-rival Duke. The post victory "celebration" was inevitable:

"This is my craziest riot," said a woman who identified herself as Shelley Avney. "Trying to knock over a bus, tearing down street signs, burning things -- it's crazy."

Shea Hoxie, 21, a senior majoring in government and politics and criminology, said: "I was disappointed we didn't flip over the bus. We rioted for the women's basketball team, which is out of character for us. We needed something to cheer for."

Armon Emdad, 19, said he was opposed to the idea of disorder. "It doesn't make sense to destroy your own campus," he said. But he told a reporter he intended to join last night's crowd anyway.

Oddly enough, our post victory celebrations against Duke often resembled our post victory commiserations against Duke. Go figure.

Here's a tip for my fellow Maryland Terrapins - don't give your name to reporters, ever, unless you just saved a baby from being eaten by a bear or won the Nobel Prize. Every employer for the rest of your life will now know that you were disappointed you couldn't flip over a bus when they Google you before the interview.
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