Monday, February 13, 2006

I need a roommate

My current roommate is moving out at the end of March, so I need to find a new one. Please post this on your blogs and forward it to everyone you know so that I don't have to resort to Craig's List. Here are the specifics:

One bedroom available in two bedroom, one bath apartment. Amenities include dishwasher, garbage disposal, hardwood floors, balcony, closet space, 24 hour front desk with free coffee in the morning, and a modest gym.

Located in Silver Spring, two blocks from Metro, MARC, and a major bus depot. Within easy walking distance of recently rebuilt downtown, with restaurants, theatres, stores, bars, supermarkets, and everything else you could need to live and have fun with or without a car.

Rent is $1533 per month (your half would be $766.50), due on the first of each month. You would also have to buy out the deposit of my former roommate, which is $300.

We currently have a cable/internet/local phone service package that costs a little over $100 a month (your half would be around $55). However, I'm flexible about canceling this service if you don't care about having those services, or keeping them on if you want them. All other utilities (gas, electric, water) are included in the cost of rent. A pay laundry room is located on each floor. Lot or underground parking is available through the building at reasonable rates.

I am a 28 year old male professional. I'm clean, laid back, non-smoker, and respectful of personal space - looking for a roommate that shares the same qualities.

Must sign a one year lease with the option to live there longer if desired. Can move in on April 1, and perhaps a few days earlier.

Anyone interested should send their info to

And yes, I recognize the irony of having a blog called someguyindc and not living in DC. I moved six months ago. Sue me.
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